Consectatio Excellentiae

If any likeminded individuals would like assistance on any joint ventures feel free to drop me a comment below and I will definitely reply asap. Anything which does not involve dealing directly with a customer would be great!


I am always interested in any projects that involve a bit of creativity and ingenuity, and love working with people who are of the same mindset. Anything that is cutting edge and involves new challenges within the skill set I currently possess, mainly PHP side of things. If any designers or digital marketers would like to join forces to take on the world, I am more than willing to try and achieve a bit of web domination.


Currently there are no projects on at the moment that requires any assistance from specialists outside of my skill set. However if you would like me to keep your details on record for any future projects that may arise feel free to submit a comment below, and include any links to sample work or social network pages!