Consectatio Excellentiae

The other day I was attempting to perform a simple task on my Galaxy S2, ring a number! This sounds so simple (and is once you know how/why) but this gave me a headache. 

Samsung Galaxy S2I realised that I needed to tap the phone icon however when I was presented the options of “Logs | Contacts | Favourites | Groups”, however I was certain that I had accessed the keypad in this section previously. After numerous attempts and hours scratching my head I noticed there was a highlighted strip on the left hand side of the “Logs” tab. Which the made me realise that I had to scroll the tab options left and right to view all the available options, once I scrolled left I found the keypad option and all started to become clear. Once you select the option of keypad you are then free to type any phone number that you require.

As this is my first touch screen phone there are other similar issues that I am encountering, like answering a phone call, and every time I suss them I feel like I am making progress with the whole touch screen android setup. Trying to answer a phone call I was pressing the green answer button not realising that you need to slide it!

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