Consectatio Excellentiae

Once I had successfully setup my Android development environment, this is referred to in another post, I was desperate to start developing apps and test them out on the Virtual Device section (in the Android SDK). However not coming from a Java background I realised that this was not going to be a simple task. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to undertake the examples that are provided on the Android Developer site.

first android appThese examples are a great way to achieve an understanding of how the development of apps should be structured, maybe not always best practice for coding however they do acknowledge that fact. Like everything everyone can run the sample scripts without any background knowledge of the language/environment that they are being ran in until they encounter a problem.

So far I have got to the ‘Hello Views’ section and have encountered an issue with the Grid View example, after a few google searhces I have found that there are other people who have encountered this but no solution. I think I now have to options:

1. Join Android Forum (Probably good think regardless)

2. Learn the basics of Java (Probably will have to at some point in time)

Once I find the solution to this issue I will post back my findings to help others.


  • Comment by Vajrajit Mann

    cool what a amaz1ing article added to slashdot thanx

  • Comment by Android Ship

    Not a bad read tbh

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