Consectatio Excellentiae

Sometimes I have an epiphany and believe I have spotted a trend, and the latest in my trend spotting is: Native apps have a shelf life! Many factors force me to this conclusion and even though I can’t deny their current success and popularity I can’t honestly believe that individual OS development approach is the sustainable answer.

If you take the latest offering from PhoneGap (OpenSource Framework to develop mobile apps) they support 7 different platforms from the production of one code base. This is one way to resolve the issue however again I am not convinced that this is the approach the major players will adopt. Although this resolves the multiple versions of the code base, it does not resolve the issue of the testing that all OS versions work as desired. The other major restriction of this method is the capabilities of the Framework will dictate the quality of app development that is possible.

Another approach which throughout the history of the web is always strived for is standard practice! It’s in everything we do HTML standards, CSS standards, ensuring cross browser compatibility (even Microsoft is starting to realise). Therefore I believe that web based apps will become STANDARD, the only requirement is that the browser they are rendered in is compatible with the HTML/CSS/JavaScript code outputted and the app is good to go. This is also a more complex mobile website if you wish to look at it in that way.

I personally believe that web based apps will be the future as the (UK) progress of 4G internet for mobiles will make it easier to use and transfer data via the web. A question to yourself would be how many of the native apps you use connect to the internet? I will make a guess that over 90% of apps you use regularly rely on some form of download/data usage. Finally the huge gripe a lot of developers will have is that Apple can simply dictate what can and can’t be listed in there App Store, this is a similar path that Microsoft took with the IE browser, which everyone should conform to them. History has a funny knack of repeating itself.

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