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Deciding to develop Android apps was the next obvious step as a web developer, as everybody you speak to has a great idea that they want to implement as an app. So firstly I thought the best way to start my journey is find a ‘How to’ from somebody who has already been through the experience (the one I used). The tutorial is mainly focused on the setup/environment needed to build android apps rather than the app itself.

The Problem:

Upon completing the installation of the Java JDK, the next step is to unpack and install the Android SDK, however when you attempt to run the Installer that is recommended on the Android Developers site. I then encountered the alert box stating ‘Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found’ as seen below:

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found

I have installed this software twice now, once on XP and once on Windows 7, and both times I encountered this issue. Which implies to me it is something to do with my technique or it is a bug in the software I am downloading (probably me).

The Solution

After a few google searches and a few scratches of the head I finally stumbled across the fix (which worked on both XP and Windows 7) was a simple click of the ‘Back’ button then pressing the ‘Next’ button again and then as if by magic it then recognises that you do actually have the Java JDK installed.

That is it hopefully this saves someone the same confusion/issue that I have encounteres both times that I have installed the Android development environment.


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    [...] I had successfully setup my Android development environment, this is referred to in another post, I was desperate to start developing apps and test them out on the Virtual Device section (in the [...]

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    Your web page is certainly really good. I like looking at it unfortunately, the writing appears to be somewhat strange while using chrome world wide web broswer

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    Any chance of a screenshot as I have checked on my chrome browser and I can’t see anything obvious?

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