Consectatio Excellentiae

After working in a stagnant environment where evolution is proactively discouraged I am now breaking free. I am no longer satisfied with churning out low quality and substandard projects that are illogically created in a way to force more business from the client rather than delivering the best solution possible by simply adding a bit of forethought into the process.

Rant over, how I intend to improve my personal skill set, which in turn should deliver an improved product, is to start implementing the latest standard practices (again no encouragement from the employer). The main areas of improvement are to start implementing all projects:

  • Object-Oriented PHP code
  • Using PHP Framework (Zend/CakePHP)
  • Use Versioning Control System (Github)
  • Develop complex CMS installations using WordPress
  • Creating a local Linux server setup to run all in-house systems
  • Finally the holy grail of TDD (Test Driven Development), however this is well down the line

When I started the role I inherited projects that were developed using a Procedural approach, and ever since this practice has been carried forth as it is ‘comfortable’ for my employer. My major issue is that comfort is for retirement, comfort is when you no longer wish to move forward and if you aren’t moving forward you are standing still and being left behind!

I appreciate to implement the above and acquire the (correct) knowledge will be a long and tough road however I believe that is the only way that the changes can be made are through hard work. So I begin…..