Consectatio Excellentiae

Recently we have been setting backups of MySql databases to be ran using Crontab, for all of the systems and sites we migrated to our new servers. Whilst carrying out the task in hand the strangest problem was encountered. (more…)

Sometimes I have an epiphany and believe I have spotted a trend, and the latest in my trend spotting is: Native apps have a shelf life! Many factors force me to this conclusion and even though I can’t deny their current success and popularity I can’t honestly believe that individual OS development approach is the sustainable answer. (more…)

Whilst working on a project I encountered a client conundrum of converting currencies LIVE! Where there’s a will there’s a way, so the first task was to find a resource that would convert the currency when triggered. After a few minutes searching I discovered that Yahoo finance allow you to query their service and exchange one currency to another, as long as you provide the 3 character currency code i.e. GBP or USD, British Pound and US Dollar respectively. (more…)

PHP Object-Oriented SolutionsDeciding to investigate the big bad scary world of O-O PHP, I was adamant that I would ensure I obtained the best resources possible to learn the underlying principles and approaches of O-O PHP. As currently I understand the syntax of the code and the basic principles of what is involved but to truly be able to develop in O-O PHP you need to understand the core logic and what the approach set out to achieve.

This post is not a crash course on anything related to O-O PHP more simply a useful link and recommendation to a resource(s) that I have found made my life easier whilst trying to get to grips with this alien concept. (more…)

The other day I was attempting to perform a simple task on my Galaxy S2, ring a number! This sounds so simple (and is once you know how/why) but this gave me a headache.  (more…)

Once I had successfully setup my Android development environment, this is referred to in another post, I was desperate to start developing apps and test them out on the Virtual Device section (in the Android SDK). However not coming from a Java background I realised that this was not going to be a simple task. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to undertake the examples that are provided on the Android Developer site. (more…)

Deciding to develop Android apps was the next obvious step as a web developer, as everybody you speak to has a great idea that they want to implement as an app. So firstly I thought the best way to start my journey is find a ‘How to’ from somebody who has already been through the experience (the one I used). The tutorial is mainly focused on the setup/environment needed to build android apps rather than the app itself. (more…)

Whilst constructing any form you will need to validate the data that the user has input, and alert the user to any incorrect entries made.

The quickest way to validate the data is using Javascript on the client-side (i.e. browser). This enables you to check what has been entered without the need of sending any data to your webserver.


The most basic command when starting out with php is outputting text to the browser using server-side scripting (i.e. PHP). The commands below are the two methods to achieve this: (more…)